Wrapped in Plastic is an Error that does not Serve to Lose Weight!

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Due to the accumulation of toxins the skin can present allergic reactions, so it is recommended not to adjust the plastic too much and not having it on for more than an hour. For many decades they have been practicing different tricks and techniques that aim to improve the results when losing weight and shape the figure. Slimming creams, surgical procedures, juices, gels, fat-burning injections or massages, among others, are only a minimum part of the methods that have the purpose of helping to eliminate those extra kilos that prevent having the desired figure. In addition to those already mentioned, there is a very popular method that can increase the ability to burn calories and fat: it involves wrapping the body with plastic to increase body temperature when exercising. But is it useful?

This practice has been widely used in aesthetic centers and many people do it at home to take advantage of all their supposed benefits. By covering the areas of the body with plastic, which is a waterproof material, the body is forced to sweat and this is to promote a loss of weight. However, today we shed some points about this weight loss system that is interesting to read.

Myth or Reality?

This method involves covering some areas of the body, especially the abdominal area, with film to protect food, before exercising. To potentiate the alleged slimming effects, it has also been recommended to apply some reducing cream or fat. And those who have done it have indeed proven that there was a loss of weight. But is it real? Is there a risk to health?

Contraindication of this Method

What is achieved by wrapping any area of ​​your body in a plastic film is to avoid transpiration in a natural body process when temperature rises, sweating. The people who undergo this supposedly weight loss system is to lose weight immediately, but it is a weight that corresponds to the water that is lost, that after exercising is going to recover when drinking.

“In addition to this, we run the risk of suffering severe dehydration”.

It is evident that the body needs a process of heat release, that if we block it with a plastic it will raise the body temperature quickly and excessively. And do not forget a last point, subjecting our skin to continuous contact and high temperature polyvinyl chloride does not seem the most advisable option. There are sensitive skins that can suffer allergic reactions, and therefore find an added problem.

I want to Lose Weight, what do I do?

If what you want is to lose weight what you should do is put yourself in the hands of a specialist, who will design a diet appropriate to your characteristics and recommend you exercise regularly. There are many qualified personal trainers who can draw up a specific work plan according to your interests and constitution. The best thing you can do is get away from home remedies that have no scientific basis and understand weight loss as a process that needs time and does not understand miracles, but sacrifice, healthy eating and effort.

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Wrapped in Plastic is an Error that does not Serve to Lose Weight!
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