How to Lose Weight by Controlling the Amounts of Food?

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When we stop being hungry but we could continue eating, it is highly recommended to take an infusion to soothe that sensation. That way we will not eat more. Many times we have heard that to lose weight you have to eat less. However, it is important to know how to eat smaller amounts to lose weight in a balanced way.  Otherwise, we may have nutritional deficiencies or even regain weight after a while. In this article we give you the fundamental tips to learn to eat with common sense. So you can lose weight without great efforts or sacrifices.

The Stomach Adapts

The stomach has a wonderful virtue: It adapts to the amount of food we eat in a short time. We can observe how, if we get used to eating more or less at certain times, with the passage of time the body asks us for those same amounts at those times. This feature can greatly facilitate the goal we set ourselves. However, we must always do so by giving the body all the nutrients it needs.  Otherwise, the body could react negatively and make it difficult to lose weight.

How do we do it?

To start adapting our stomach to the amounts we want to eat, we must follow the following tips:

  • We will avoid spending more than four or five hours without eating. It is important not to eat anything before having digested the previous meal. However, it is also essential not to be fasting too many hours, since that leads us to eat more food at the next meal.
  • Between hours we can consume fresh fruit, a yogurt or something based on whole They are very satisfying foods. With little amount they provide us with many nutrients.
  • Outside of the meals we must get used to drinking a lot of liquid, water or infusions. This is because thirst is often confused with hunger and leads us to eat when we do not need it.

When does Hunger Disappear?

“There are studies that show that real hunger does not last more than 15 or 20 minutes”.

In this way, people who eat slowly and chew food well have the great advantage that they will be satisfied before those who eat quickly and impulsively. We can do the test of taking enough time and chewing each food until it is almost liquid. This will also improve the entire digestive process. It will allow us to eat less without going hungry.

Key to Slimming: Emotional Hunger

Why do most people who eat too much have that need to be filled to feel satisfied? We have confused the need to eat to satisfy hunger with that feeling of fullness that causes us to eat a lot. In many cases, this need is related to emotional lacks, sadness and melancholy. Also with stages of stress and exhaustion. The body seeks to fill emotional gaps and obtain energy in this way. If we do not have control over what we eat, the effects are usually rather negative. We eat harmful foods, we hinder digestion and, in addition, we have regrets that increase the feeling of guilt.

The Key is 80%

We must learn to find satisfaction in being able to finish eating at the moment when we are no longer so hungry but we could still eat a little more. That moment in which we usually eat what is least convenient for us, more of the same or a dessert. To have a rough idea, we should fill 80% of our capacity. The first days it will be difficult for us to stop at that point if we do not have the habit. However, it can be very effective to resort to a digestive infusion to appease this feeling of emptiness. In a few minutes we will notice that hunger disappears and, as the days go by, we will do it naturally. In addition, filling 80% has another advantage and is that, by not overloading the digestive system, we do not need a great rest to replenish energy, as happens when we eat more than enough or too heavy food.

In this way we will feel active and able to perform any activity shortly after having eaten. At night, on the other hand, our liver will work much better; we will get to rest more easily and wake up with vitality and good humor.

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