How does Grape Oil Reduces Obesity in a Healthy Way?

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The nuggets of a type of grape are those that prevent the formation and extension of adipose tissue. To take advantage of its benefits, you can take the oil made from these seeds. We could say without fear of making mistakes that obesity is, today, one of the biggest health problems that society must face. Did you know that there is grape oil capable of combating this worrying condition? Obesity is a problem that we should all be careful about. Currently, it is fostered by unhealthy lifestyles, sedentary lifestyle and low quality food. In the preparation of many foods, nutrients are removed to add preservatives or other chemicals to extend the life of the products. Thus, day by day we find ourselves not only with obese adults, but also with children already diagnosed with obesity and other health problems, such as diabetes or cholesterol. While it is true that we should all be aware of the importance of feeding ourselves correctly  and being a little more physically active, it should be noted that discoveries are made that can help us to prevent this problem.

Next, we will detail a very recent study in which we will know the great benefits of a type of grape oil very effective in preventing obesity.

Muscadine Grape Oil Reduces the Formation of Fat Cells

If you do not know the muscadine grape variety, you should know that it is very popular in North America, especially in the Florida area, and also in the Gulf of Mexico. Just look at the upper image to recognize it: it is a large, hard-skinned grape, which is used above all to make wines and natural juices. The study that we talked about was carried out at the University of Florida – United States – and the conclusions reached were the following.

1. Muscadine Grape Oil Reduces the Formation of Fat

It sounds miraculous, but everything has a logical explanation and simple to understand, although it must be read carefully. It happens that this grape variety is very rich in vitamin E, but in a very special type that scientists know as tocotrienol. What tocotrienol does is regulate the formation of new fat cells. That is to say, if we suffer from overweight, it will not cause us to “lose weight”, but it will help us not to store new fat.

2. It is the Natural Source Richest in Unsaturated Fatty Acids

The scientists discovered that the content of healthy fatty acids of muscadine grape seeds is almost 90%. What does this mean? That takes care of the heart, gives us energy, reduces hypertension and, in addition, helps to synthesize many other vitamins, such as vitamin K or vitamin D.

3. It is an Effective Way to Reduce Bad Cholesterol or LDL

Until not long ago, it was thought that tocotrienol, that is, this type of vitamin E so rich in unsaturated fatty acids, was only present in oat bran, rice, barley or palm oil. Now, thanks to these data, we have another natural source rich in tocotrienol, very suitable to prevent the formation and extension of adipose tissue.

“Another of the most remarkable benefits of muscadine grape seeds is that it is very effective in reducing bad LDL cholesterol”.

In this way, you can prevent the fat plates adhere to the arteries by consuming this grape oil.

Where can I find Muscadine Grapes?

What interests us about muscadine grapes are their seeds; there where vitamin E concentrates most. It is common to commercialize grape oil made from these seeds; therefore, you only have to ask at natural stores or supermarkets for this product. With regard to consumption, it is best to take a first teaspoon fasting (5 ml), then take another 15 minutes after the two main meals of the day. That is, a total of 3 teaspoons a day is recommended, which is equivalent to about 15 ml. Follow this treatment for 10 days and rest another five.

How to Avoid Obesity

As we have indicated before, muscadine grape oil will not reduce our body weight nor cause us to lose weight unexpectedly. What this oil does is to avoid the formation of adipocytes , which are the elements that cause us to store fat and create adipose tissue. Therefore, it is important to combine this natural remedy with new customs that allow us to lose weight little by little. These are some healthy tips to achieve it:

  • Consult your doctor to describe your general health status and what you need specifically.
  • Establish a daily exercise session. A good routine would be to walk about 30 minutes every day and practice aerobic exercises for half an hour more.
  • Eliminate salt, white sugar and sweets from your diet, as well as fast or precooked food.
  • Consume fresh fruits and vegetables and try to drink two liters of water a day.
  • At least three times a week, start your mornings with a glass of warm water with lemon juice.
  • Consume whole grain cereals, such as bran, barley, oatmeal or brown rice.
  • Organic coconut oil can also be helpful. This one should be cold; just 15 ml per day divided into 3 teaspoons during meals.

In short, we must always know that there are no miraculous products. Being healthy and avoiding problems such as obesity require perseverance and sacrifice to lead a healthy life. However, remember also that grape oil can be a great ally in this process.

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